Cancer scares were an unfortunate part of my life. Was hard to get rid of them during and after chemo, while reading the blogs of relapsed patients and looking at the unfortunate 5-year survival rates. There is so little known about why cancer is actually happening that in many cases there is no way to detect it with certainty before its impossible to ignore: when cancer shows up first as abnormal blood tests, tumors and, eventually confirmed with biopsies and PET scans.

I believe doctors who say that there is a lot we can do to prevent or significantly slow down cancer development. Many of them are Integrative Medicine or Naturopathic Doctors and a big part of their work is prevention. On the other side, most conventional MDs focus on acute symptoms and health crisis.  They know how to fight, but they don't know how to avoid the battle. It is best to win without fighting - teaches Sun Tzu, and this lays out a foundation of living based on an integrative and naturopathic foundation that roots in thousand years old Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines as well as modern research.

There are many resources and opinions of how to have a cancer-fighting lifestyle, there are arguments for vegan, keto, paleo, fasting, HIIT, aerobic exercises, and ayurvedic medicine. I don't intend to start another discussion here, it is a huge topic that can be addressed the best using research data. However, I had to make personal choices where I needed to balance a full-time job, work on this project, spending plenty of time with friends and going out to bustling New York City life.

  • I eat paleo and cook most of my meals. It's nearly 100% organic, ~80% fresh veggies
  • I never compromise on sleep duration or quality - at least 7 hours, no matter what. Pitch dark, no computer screens for 1 hour, no drinking or eating 2 hours before going to bed. Even if I'm going and stay out late
  • Intermittent fasting (every day 13-16 hours between meals) - that means a branch at 10-11am and a dinner at 7-9 pm
  • Once a month I go for 24-36 hours water fast. I fast every time I have a flight - its a great opportunity to skip an unhealthy in-flight menu.
  • I workout 6-7 days a week: 2 times HIIT, 2 times strength training, 1 yoga, 1 hot yoga,  and if it's nice outside I go for a 5-mile jog
  • I drink alcohol but no more than 2 times a week and no more than 1 drink a day
  • Digital detox once a week - no emails, phone calls, messages, or the Internet
  • I meditate 5-15 minutes a day. Usually at the end of my workout
  • My supplements: Vit D, EGCG, Curcumin, Omega 3
  • I juice veggies almost every day

It may sound like a lot of work but its all possible. I have plenty of time left to read books, go vacations, learn new things, meet people, and just shut down my brain and stair into the horizon. The greatest benefit is the confidence that comes from enabling self-control. I used to be worried that cancer may come back in the past. Not anymore as I know that I do all in my power to avoid it. What I realized is that the biggest scare for me was not the fear of cancer coming back. It was the fear that I don't do enough to prevent it from coming back. Once I learned how to manage what I CAN control - my lifestyle, sleep and stress, food, nutrition, and physical activity - the fears of cancer relapse went away.

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Have a healthy and happy day!