Everyone has your back when you're sick... but the moment you complete your treatment, you are left completely alone. The doctors, nurses, and the team that had your back aren’t there anymore.

That’s what I realized after I went into my first remission. I was finally done! Or was I? I was “healthy,” but could I ensure I would stay healthy? I needed to change my entire life and lifestyle and so I did some research and came across integrative medicine.

It was unlike anything I had experienced. Instead of having to go to more doctors or even the hospital, I could get better from home. Instead of taking powerful medicine, this approach to battling cancer revolved around my diet and exercise routine.

But this wasn’t some new age speculation... the fad of the month... a controversial opinion. It was proven science, backed by thousands of studies, experts with decades of knowledge, and teams at the best universities conducting new studies every day.

The official definition of integrative medicine is the following:

"A patient-centered, evidence-informed field of cancer care that utilizes mind and body practices, natural products, and/or lifestyle modifications... alongside conventional cancer treatments. Integrative oncology aims to optimize health, quality of life, and clinical outcomes across the cancer care continuum and to empower people to prevent cancer and become active participants before, during, and beyond cancer treatment."

I learned how small life choices such as walking 30 minutes a day could lead to incredible outcomes like increasing the chances of remission by 40%. Reducing alcohol intake also does wonders! No surprises there I suppose.

So I started OneRemission to bring life-changing Integrative Medicine to as many people as possible. We’re just getting started, and there’s a lot to do! We’re working on an App that gives you recipes, fitness advice, stress and sleep management tools and empowers you to stay in remission!

This resource is created by community. If you are a health care practitioner and want to share your opinion, if you are a survivor and your story will inspire others, or if you are a supporter and want to get involved then drop me a line: my email is misha@oneremission.com

Thank you, and have a healthy and happy day!


Founder, OneRemission